The Signature™ System

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You are unique. So when a part of you becomes affected by arthritis, you want a solution that's just for you. That's why Biomet offers Signature™ Personalized Patient Care, utilizing MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) technology to create personalized positioning guides for total knee replacement. These guides use advanced technology to help surgeons more accurately position total knee implants.

The Signature™ System

The Signature™ system utilizes custom femoral (thighbone) and tibial (shinbone) positioning guides that fit directly onto your unique anatomy.

The Signature™ guides are developed from MRI or CT scan. The MRI/CT is used in conjunction with a computer program to create a three-dimensional joint reconstruction, enabling the surgeon to plan total knee replacement before surgery. In the past, surgical planning has typically been based off of two-dimensional X-rays. With the MRI and Signature™ personalized positioning guides, surgeons have access to a greater level of detail and precision for implant position and alignment before the procedure. This allows for personalized implant positioning and may help enhance surgical efficiency.

Using MRI or CT technology and patient-matched guides, the Signature™ system allows for a more custom fit of the Vanguard® Complete Knee. The Vanguard® knee offers more femoral size options than some other knee systems, which allows for up to 90 different size combinations.